ISOLPACK: Seventy years of excellence in products, patents and technological research in the construction world.


Since 1951 Isolpack is at the forefront in Italy and Europe in the field of production of building materials, with over 25 patents on modular metal components for roofs, floors, walls and countertops for civil and industrial buildings.

To the needs of the market Isolpack answers with a range of products with advanced design and versatility: corrugated sheets, corrugated sheets AM Series, Ampex structural system, pre-insulated metal panels with mineral fiber insulation or polyurethane foam, accessories and complements.

Find an innovative and functional answer for every need: this is the philosophy that distinguishes the company's history. Faced with different economical and technological scenarios, the common thread is functionality: Isolpack is committed to search the most appropriate solutions, combining the precise shape of each component with a specific technical feature. The design of the products is not only the result of an industrial choice aimed at large-scale manufacturing but for Isolpack it becomes the result of a precise study that must combine functionality, practicality, innovation and aesthetics.

"Behind every form there is a story to tell: each product is the result of a choice that combines style and ingenuity".

To give space to its ambitions, Isolpack has now new factory plant in Nichelino (TO) with over 60,000 square meters with five highly automated production lines, where metal sheets and panels are made using the most advanced production techniques, under the control of technicians and experts.


Isolpack is a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company

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