Zumbini Complex Milan

Zumbini Complex Milan


Location:  Milan
Designer: Marco Clozza – Atelier LC
State: Finished
Opened: 2011
Products Used: Ampex, Ecoline Lithos 5, Star, Delta 5

The intervention created by Atelier LC for the construction of offices in the southern area of Milan is an impressive intervention. The complex consists of an old industrial building that has been completely renovated and transformed and a new building built on pilotis.

The industrial building, called Block A, retains much of its original shape, in which each floor was presented as a single large free-space environment. The assessment of the safety, carried out on existing structures, has imposed an adjustment intervention of the floors consisting of main beams with 12m of light: for this realization was used the Ampex structural system.
Steel is therefore the main material for the renovation of Block A: it has been used in its various forms and also the thermal coat of the existing building has been realized with sandwich panels. The roof of the building is made up with Ecoline Lithos panels.

Block B is placed on the opposite side of the courtyard in front of the former industrial plant, the new building hosts two units house of 90 square meters, each with a mezzanine of 30 square meters. To allow the construction of 14 parking spaces on the surface, and to ensure greater lighting to the interior, the building was raised on metal pillars. The main façade is characterized by double-height openings positioned in an apparently random manner within a regular mesh defined by the modularity of the sandwich panels.
In general, designers have favored the use of dry-layered technology: economical solutions and light materials have enabled rapid assembly, ensuring efficient standards. Ceilings, perimeter walls and roofing are made with sandwich panels, industrial products that, besides guaranteeing good load bearing capacity, offer thermal performances; the partitions and the perimeter counter walls are in coated plaster and the false ceilings are modular and inspectionable.

The use of materials has taken on a decisive significance for the development and for the outcome of the project. The old and the new are in fact part of the same family: for this reason they present the same materials and show very similar constructive solutions that explicitly state what has been added with respect to what was already present.

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10128 Turin

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