Eugenio Ceria and Lucia Serra: the founders in 1951


Established in 1951 by the intuition and determination of Eugenio Ceria and his wife Lucia Serra, the company began its activity in the production of tinsmithing pieces to rapidly evolve the production thanks to the profiling and the adoption of the roll-forming technique.

The turning point came in 1969 when the company was the first in Italy to produce corrugated sheets, while - to respond to the new market demands dictated by the energy crisis - the production of the insulated panel was introduced in 1973. Already in the mid-seventies, Isolpack started the production, in continuous, of insulated panels, thus establishing a new Italian record.

Research is a primary value for the company that in 1975, in collaboration with the Polytechnic of Turin, patented Ampex, the structural roofing system for spans with lights up to twelve meters.

To characterize the history of Isolpack is a constant growth of production and the development of products and technologies: in the 1990s Ecoline was introduced, the first sandwich panel with mineral fiber insulation, while in the mid-2000s it appeared on the market Erit, the system which combines a high-performance integrated photovoltaic panel with a corrugated panel in one product.

To meet the needs and the volume of production, Isolpack has changed its headquarters several times in its history and today boasts a production plant of about three hundred thousand square meters with five highly automated production lines, in the industrial area of Nichelino. At the directional center in Turin, a new Ceria generation is emerging, to continue the story, between tradition and innovation.

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