Palace of Justice Turin

Palace of Justice Turin


Location: Turin
Designer: Pierluigi Spadolini
Status: Finished
Products used: KAPPA 3

Named after the magistrate Bruno Caccia, the Palazzo di Giustizia of Turin was designed by the famous architect Pierluigi Spadolini to respond to the city needs, when the old court in the center has become insufficient to handle all the duties. With a structure of about 60 thousand square meters, the Palace is part of the central Cit Turin district. The works for the construction of the imposing building lasted four years, from 1994 to 1998, at the same time the entire urban area in which it would be inserted has been modified and retrained.

The Palazzo di Giustizia recalls the components of the urban fabric of the historical city, outlining a horizontal development contained in height, punctuated by compositional elements that create a harmonious whole with the surrounding buildings. Evident are the design features that identify the style of Pierluigi Spadolini, with forms inspired by industrial construction and solutions of great modernism.

In the construction of the structure, Isolpack panels were widely used; the Kappa 3 panels in Coram version with support A in copper were used for the roof.

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