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Sales & Export


Our philosophy: Technical and Commercial Assistance.

Support you in your project choices, give you all the necessary information, listen to your precious indications: these are the objectives for which our sales department is committed every day. For us, you are not a customer but precious allies: responding to your requests is a challenge that also helps us to improve and directs our technological research towards solutions that are really useful for you.

Is our priority to be always close to you, in order to respond better and faster to your needs: this is why our sales force, made up of trained and motivated professionals, is present throughout the country, to reach you, listen and advise you in every place and at any time.
Our agents and resale warehouses will be able to respond to your various needs. You can quickly contact us via web and receive an appropriate response promptly to your needs.

And if you are abroad? No problem. Our Foreign Division is ready to answer you as quickly as possible, with a perfect knowledge of the problems and regulations concerning the main European and world countries. Our products boast the main international certifications and, as well, CE marking: our ambition is to grow more.

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