Industrial Building Turin

Industrial Building Turin


The factory is not just a soulless work space, it is more correct to think of it as a testimony of its activity and its past, with its evolutions over time. It is a history of men and industry.


Regrets to see abandoned or badly preserved industrial spaces, on the other hand, there is a delocalization of some productive activities using areas that could instead serve as agriculture (an English term defines the phenomenon: "urban sprawl"). There are many, like us professionals who are in the sector, who stand in favor of sustainable architecture and certainly in the reuse of the already built heritage.


We present a beautiful example of intervention made in this perspective, a sign that it is possible to aesthetically and energetically improve an existing building (and the urban landscape) through the use of pre-insulated metal sandwich panels. The building is on the outskirts of Turin, the owner has commissioned the recovery of an industrial building built in the 60'.


Interesting to see the matching solution between a metal facade made with a cobalt blue "STAR" panel and the lower part made with a traditional green plastered EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems). But also inside the intervention has interesting solutions, for example, the ceiling is made with a 100 mm "Lithos 5" mineral wool panels in REI version, positioned below the "shed".


The final result, as from photographs, is truly remarkable. The credit goes to the client in choosing this type of intervention, in the designers who found the architectural solutions, to the workers who carried out the work and not least to us, who as suppliers of sandwich panels, we contributed in part to realize this work.




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